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TKRINGS.COM strives to provide you with the best possible experience in commissioning custom made rings. We want your experience with TKRINGS.COM to be as memorable and special as the bespoke pieces that we create. With you as our partner, we shall together create the ring of your dreams! We understand that not everyone may feel inclined to purchase a ring online, it is for this reason that we include you, the customer, in our design team. Our family of highly skilled craftsmen know very well that we're not only creating rings for the moment, but heirloom pieces which will be cherished for generations to come. Below is our guarantee which
we feel will provide you, and the next generation, 100% satisfaction.
TKRINGS.COM will repair the items for free under the following conditions:
  • A ring displays stress cracks on its surface thru no fault of the customer.
  • Gemstones fall out (gemstone falls out of the ring but is not misplaced). For lost stones, we offer very reasonable prices on replacement stones. Please keep in mind that gemstones and diamonds must be periodically inspected by a professional as normal wear and tear is inevitable on these delicate and finely crafted pieces.
  • Wear marks, seams, or stress cracks that can be traced to a manufacturing defect.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all the diamonds we use on our rings are obtained from non-conflict sources, and are fully guaranteed to be authentic.
  • Whenever applicable, all the diamonds we use on our rings are guaranteed authentic.
  • Except for gold orders, commissioned rings and other jewelry items that were made according to your design specifications are non-returnable. Highly personalized jewelry only hold value to their original owners, and are therefore impossible for us to sell in the open market at any price.
  • Being in the manufacturer-direct wholesale jewelry business, our relatively small markups prevent us from offering any form of warranty against loss of diamonds and/or colored gemstones. Specialist jewelry shops and other high end retail outlets offer such an added service, but for a significant premium over our deeply discounted wholesale prices.

If you have further questions, you may drop us a message here.
All our jewelry items are covered by an industry leading lifetime guarantee against any and all workmanship defects.

Our products are meant to last several lifetimes, but it should be noted that even the most durable and well executed jewelry designs call for utmost care and responsible use. These are delicately handcrafted works of art that deserve the care and attention of any heirloom piece.

We strongly recommend that you have your jewelry items professionally inspected on a yearly basis. Most of our products have small stones which, thru normal wear and tear, may eventually detach from their mounts. Though relatively rare, the customer must keep this in mind when wearing his or her commissioned piece.

Our lifetime guarantee on all our products covers labor charges for these rare circumstances.

Replacement stones are available to our existing customers, we give these to you at cost.

IMPORTANT: All unauthorized work on our jewelry items completely voids your warranty. These include engraving, resizing, repairs, and all modifications made to your rings by a non-TKRINGS.COM jeweler.
When you order your specially commissioned jewelry items from us, you hereby agree to the following terms of use.

  • All quoted weights are approximate. Several factors such as stone weight, finger size, karat, and ring design all influence a piece's final and finished weight. These are not off the shelf items whose specifications are readily available to us.
  • In the event of a pricing error in our website, in a written quote, or estimate by phone, we reserve the right to refuse your order. All quotes on items containing gold and precious stones are valid only on the day of the estimate. Please verify with us that our estimates still hold true on the day you decide to order.
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